SIBL AGM and Highlights from the Event


These are some highlights from the recent Anual General Meeting at the Singapore Institute of Buildings. I was also honoured to receive the membership of the institute.

SIBL Singapore AGM

During the event, Ar. Tan Suze Hann spoke about Building Cities from Trash. It was an inspiring presentation with many ideas on how waste can be reused or recycled for new products that can be used in construction sector.

SIBL Singapore AGM

From furniture to interior decoration there are many ways to use the trash. He showed how wastes such as food waste, empty bottles and other materials can be used in construction industry.

SIBL Singapore AGM

Prof.Jeff Obbard talked about the Climate Crisis & the imperative for Carbon Neutral Cities.

SIBL Singapore AGM

After the speeches and presentations from the guest speakers, next was the presentation of the certificates to the new members including me. šŸ™‚

Receiving membership certificate from Dr. Victor Ong Chee Wee

It was a time well spent while networking with the industry professionals.

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