Causes of Disputes in Construction Projects

Causes of Disputes in Construction Projects

Disputes are common in construction projects due to their complex nature. However, disputes are costly and it requires more money, time, and resources to find resolutions. By identifying the causes of disputes, project leaders can find measures to prevent or mitigate such possible disputes in construction projects. Therefore, the objective of this study was to identify the major causes of disputes in construction projects. Secondary data from the studies done from 2019 to 2023 were used for this study and the results revealed 50 causes of disputes in construction projects. Further, these causes were categorized into four categories that are client related, consultant related, contractor related, and other causes of disputes. The results of this study show that among the 50 common causes of disputes, 36% is consultant related, and 34% is client related issues. Other than that, 51% of causes of disputes emerge during the pre-contract phase. This study also identified the research gaps and areas that need future studies.

Causes of Disputes in Construction Projects is a research paper written by me as part of my Ph.D. program. It was published in the Saudi Journal of Civil Engineering. Read the full text here.

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