Why Do you Need a Quantity Surveyor?

Why Do you Need a Quantity Surveyor?

To know the exact cost of a construction project you may find it necessary to hire a Quantity Surveyor. He or she is a professional whose main task is to understand, analyse and report on the expected costs of a construction project. Here is a brief look at what a quantity surveyor is and why it pays to use a quantity surveyor.

Why Do you Need a Quantity Surveyor?

Who is a Quantity Surveyor?

As mentioned, a quantity surveyor is a person whose main task is to help you understand how much your construction project is going to cost you. To provide his strategic advice the quantity surveyor must fulfil a number of tasks. He or she has to play the role of an estimator and he or she must also act like a designer. In addition, he or she should play the role of an engineer as well as contractor. He or she may also have to take on the role of a mediator. No matter how big or small an issue related to costs is, the quantity surveyor is the person who is tasked with the job of dealing with the issue. A quantity surveyor must also handle various tasks including project scheduling and budgeting. These factors will help him or her to estimate, plan as well as report cost information.

Before knowing why do you need a Quantity Surveyor,here we summarize the role of a Quantity Surveyor for any construction project.

Role of a Quantity Surveyor in a Construction Project

A quantity surveyor must keep three main objectives in mind when delivering his or her services. First of all, the quantity surveyor needs to find out how to get maximum quality work for the each dollar spent on the construction project. Secondly, the job of a quantity surveyor is to ensure that expenses are kept under tight control and thirdly, he or she must ensure that every segment of the project is capable of keeping expenses under check and in correct balance.

What is the advantage of using a quantity surveyor for your construction project?

There are two main advantages to using a quantity surveyor. First of all, the quantity surveyor is a professional whose main task is to ensure that the owners of a construction project are able to know accurately and precisely what the projected cost of their project is. Secondly, the quantity surveyor has to act like a cost strategist whose goal is to lower costs and to provide new ideas and options as well as advice that will help the owners complete the project at a lower cost.

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